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Velocity Games is changing

During the next few months, we will be working on updating parts of our website.

At first, most of the changes will be invisible, internal changes. When all the internal parts are ready, then we will start adding new features based on them.

Since most of the new features are still in a planning phase, we prefer to keep the details secret for now. If everything goes as planned, then this should make our site into a more unique experience that can be used for more than just a platform on which we share the games we make.

Unfortunately, working on the website can cause it to be less stable. We'll still try our best to keep downtimes at a minimum, but if something does get messed up, then at least you know what caused it.

We'll keep you guys updated once the new features are ready.

Written by Ben_G at 8:26 22/5/2016.

Combat Demo Testing

Written by Jokeriske at 16:6 15/3/2016.

Valhalla Combat Demo Intro


our first ever wallpaper has been made!

Written by Jokeriske at 2:0 28/2/2016.


This sunday we are going to livestream some development.

It will be our first ever livestream so hopefully everything will go as planned.

If you would like to watch you can click here to watch

We suggest to keep an eye on our twitter to keep up to date.

Written by Jokeriske at 23:35 5/2/2016.

Social Media

We now have a twitter account

We also have a twitch account where we will be livestreaming some development!

Written by Jokeriske at 14:5 31/1/2016.


We found out recently that some features on our forum are broken. We will fix this as soon as possible.

In the meantime have you tried out hardcore mode on the platformer?

Click here to try it out!

Written by Jokeriske at 13:58 31/1/2016.

What name should valhalla get?

We recently found out that there is a similar project with the same name

We dont want to get in trouble with copyright wich causes us to change the name.

You can Vote Here!

Or you can suggest other names on the forums by contacting Jokeriske Or Ben.

Written by Jokeriske at 19:49 15/1/2016.

New Year Resolutions

The new year 2016 has finnaly arrived!

Here at VelocityGames we have made up some new years resolutions!

Here is a list of goals we are aiming to achieve this year (2016)

- Finish Project vallhala and rename it to a better name.

- update our platformer + add "recent played" function.

- re-open The Lost Surivors concept + start development.

- improve our website + servers in general

- improve our account system

- improve our media page + forum

- improve our development team

We hope to achieve these goals.

Written by Jokeriske at 5:27 15/1/2016.


Kachanac from the Don Quixote Project has teamed up with Velocity Games!

For a quick glance at his productions, visit https://www.markokacanski.com.

We hope to release many games in the future but for the time being Kachanac and we are still in the drawing phase for the next release.

Written by Jokeriske at 23:40 3/11/2015.

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