Need help with the game or with the level editor? Check out my guide. Small screen? Try the fullscreen mode! (warning: will refresh the page)
You can also play our game at GameJolt. You can also use a gamejolt account to upload levels or to place comments, but only if you play the game trough their website.

Mini changelog

Version 0.(x+3) (current)

Added level editor and a community hub where you can play community levels and share your levels. The level handling system has also been improved.

Version 0.(x+2)

It's now possible to start at any level and the highscores can be viewed from the main menu. The whole-game score is temporarily disabled.

Version 0.(x+1)

Added menu. Currently, only the play button is active, the rest will come soon. Highscores are now stored in local storage instead of in the cookies, which is safer, uses less bandwidth and allows us to store more data in the future (like full levels from the editor). Your highscores need to be migrated to work in this new system, so if you have old highscores, click here to migrate them.

Versions 0.0 - 0.x (versions before this changelog)

Created the main game with levels 1-4, and a highscore system.