200 Years ago a war raged between two groups of hard and unrespecting Viking warlords, they fought each other for ground that what not theirs to rule and spilled blood of lives that was not theirs to take. Yet they did, and those whose responsibility it was to protect their towns and people had failed.

But one piece of ground was not to be fought over, the island of hjaalbërg. The two rivals depended both so much on this island that they agreed it to be neutral ground for this is the key port were all the necessary resources for both parties and the rest of the islands go to. But when the need for power grew too big for one of the warlords he decided he wanted it all for himself. With one quick swoop he robbed and burned down the houses, killed almost all the innocent villagers, and build themselves a fort on the ashes of the previous owners. Though when he barged through the door of the village witch, he made a grave mistake. He pierces his blade through the heart of the witch, and watched as her eyes started glowing white, the witch stood there and grabbed the sword pushing the piercing the blade deeper inside her stomach coming closer to the warlord. Her eyes started to roll back and her voice changed while she was seemingly just speaking gibberish. Though the words meant little to the warlord, little did he know the witch spoke a curse over him and his sword.

The warlord became paranoid, aggressive towards his own men and started to get nightmares of a rest that never came.

Not long after the other warlord heard of this he sent his best men to end this once and for all, and so it happened. The greedy, now paranoid and sloppy, warlord fell by the hand of his rival, they tossed him in a ditch with his sword to be forgotten but the curse still lied with him and was soon to be exposed the the outside world.

These where the stories you’d hear from the elderly, though you believed little of them you still respected them and soon would experience them yourself.

One day a boat came back to the shores of the town you live in, the boat is supposed to come back from the island of hjaalbërg with supplies for the winter but all it came back with, was a seemingly dead crew and a sword, an old one, rusted yet strong, ragged yet sharp, light yet a strong swing, made of a material unknown. The town folk were afraid and rightly so.

The town leaders would pay you and several other mercenaries good coin to take the sword and explore the island hjaalberg to uncover what happened. Everyone but you refused.

And so you set sail, alone, to the island of hjaalberg to start an adventure straight out of legends.

Pictures / screenshots / videos

Valhalla screenshot2

A picture of Bahram and the witch.

Valhalla screenshot

A picture of Bahram being followed by a group of zombies.