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Platformer V2 Dev Blog
« : April 15, 2016, 10:54:11 PM »
Platformer V2

Hello, i'm currently remaking the original platformer game from Velocity Games (The one that ben_g made)
The main purpose of the remake is just for learning experiences.
You may ask what is so different about this game? well version V2 will have alot more features and game mechanics.
I will be updating this once in a while when i've got something new to show.
There is already a pre-aplha version online but i'm not going to spam it yet :P but if you really want to test/play it you can ask for the link in the comments :)
Currently i'm the only one working on this project.
Since Ben is in thailand he is busy with school and his work, so i will not bother him with this project.

Here are the current things i'm working on  :

planned                     concept worked out / working on                       almost finished                      finished

Working save games   You can save and load the game. savegames will be stored on the client's computer not on the server (server storage thats linked on the velocitygames account is currently planned and confirmed)

Working menu   The menu is fully operational.

Enemy AI   a better AI for monsters a.k.a red ball

Multiplayer  (i will be working on this when the game is finished)

BOSSFIGHT   yes you read that right i'm going to add a epic bossfight in the platformer ;) 

These are the main things im working on. Off course there will be original levels.

(these are the important ones)

 Below are some screenshots / gif's

  • I will place the updates here.

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