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Introductions / Hi guys!
« : April 16, 2016, 10:34:42 PM »
Sup guys, King_Kevin here!

I am the newest member of the velocity crew.

I'm not a gamedesigner but i have another function.
I am the community manager. Because I'm not a gamedesigner, I have another perspective on the games that we create.

Brainstorming and social media are my assignments. My goal is to let velocity grow to a whole gaming community with active social media platforms (facebook, youtube and twitter) and with loads of clans in many different games.

The multiplayer games that we play are:

  • runescape
  • fifa 16
  • minecraft
  • gta 5
  • COD
  • left 4 dead

Let us know if you also play them because we would like to play them togehter with you!

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