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Reviews / Critical Review of the Project Valhalla demo
« : March 20, 2016, 05:15:09 PM »
Hi everyone,

I took the time to write a review about the recently released demo of the Valhalla Project.

It might seem very negative, but that is because I only listed the things that could use some improvement. I tried to include every point in consideration a unhappy costumer could come up with, I do not necessarily agree with all of these but maybe someone else could.

If all the points of critique are satisfied, we should release another demo, because, despite the lenght of this list, I might have missed a few points... :P

Game in general & starting up
  • Programs need to be installed before running
  • No way to exit game without resorting to keyboard shortcuts
  • Game does not detect what controller player is using (keyboard or Xbox Controller)
  • Intro is skipped too soon by any button, even when adjusting volume
  • Camera twitches during intro
  • Music isnít finished when intro is done
  • Text in intro is difficult to read
  • Island shown in intro is not island shown in game
  • Boat in intro is not used in game
  • When skipped, the HUD does not fade in like the rest of the game
  • Textures are low-res
  • Textures glitch a few seconds after loading and respawning
  • No fullscreen
  • Ground is very pixelated
  • Pixelated shadows look messy (is diffuse lighting necessary?)
  • Contours sometimes too sharp
  • Underwater everything looks wierd

Characters in general
  • Backstory of all characters is unclear (Who is Barahm, where does he come from, why is he on this island, where did zombies come from, what is Witch doing here?  ???)
  • Character faces look frightened and emotionless
Dialogue in general
  • Spelling errors
  • Number on choices withing dialogue box is too little
  • Selecting options in dialogue uses different keys than moving around
  • First dialogue box can stall game if player presses skip too early
  • Text comes out too slow
  • Dialogue has no option to quit at all times
  • Dialogue too messy
  • Dialogue does not provide a quick glance of the keys
  • Witch does not move as smooth as her hair does
  • Witch does not have ass

Controls in general
  • Real buttons controls are only shown once at end of intro
  • Not easy to remember
  • Keys are very difficult to use on a keyboard
  • Barahm turns around to nearest zombie instead of zombie player is looking at
  • Auto-aim to easy (not really sure about this one though...  :-X)
  • Sometimes stops in front of zombie
  • Distance needed unclear
  • Unclear if sprinting or not

Game mechanics
Combat system
  • Unclear what attack is being performed
  • No Combos
  • Unclear when zombies are attacking
  • Unclear if Barahm is being hurt

Jeez, that was a lot of text... :o
It could be that I missed some points obvious to more experienced gamers than me, so this still isn't a complete review, but I hope this helps a little.  :-\



General Discussion / What do you like to do in your free time?
« : February 05, 2016, 11:19:03 PM »
Hi everybody!

We at Velocity Games would like to get to know our users better, so I wondered what kind of things the people around here would like to do.

Personally I don't really have that much leisure, but I do have a lot of things I would like to do all of the time. So when I finally get to do the stuff I like, I never really know what I should do! (Mostly I end up reading boring books about computer stuff all the time, it's sort of relaxing :P)

Where exactly lie your interests? Are you a hard-core gamer, artist, musician or do you have some exotic personal projects you're working on?
Feel free to let us know!

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