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Author Topic: VG Website Dev Blog  (Read 2134 times)

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VG Website Dev Blog
« on: April 15, 2016, 11:13:39 pm »
Website Dev Blog

In this topic we will place updates of our development around our website.
The main reason for this is to keep you updated with whats going on.

We recently discussed alot of new features we could possibly add.
Below there is a list we are working on.

  • Personal upload space                 
  • Hiscores linked to VelocityGames account
  • Update and start working on our forum                 )
  • Add our media page and archive page to the header                 
  • Integrate the SMF account system on the entire website               
  • Add achievements to the platformer                 
  • Add email system to SMF                 

We will place updates here.
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