About us

During our free time we love working on our projects.

Since we are al still studying we cant focus all on creating these games,

that and the fact that theres just the four of us makes development rather slow.

Velocity games was founded by 3 cousins: Joris, Jeroen and Ben.

Niels is also part of our team making it 4 permanent people working on these projects

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Do i need a account to play on the platformer?

  • No, but it is better to have one though. With a Velocitygames account you have acces to more features.

  • How did this all started?

  • Ben introduced me (Jokeriske) to programming. Later on we decided to start working on projects together. which eventually caused us to form a group.

    The whole story is located below on this page.

  • How it all started

    It all started in 2009, when Call Of Duty: Black Ops was released.

    I liked the way the game was put together and ever since i've wanted to create something similar.

    So at one point we were discussing what we wanted to do in our spare time. And that's when Ben mentioned gamedevelopment / computer programming.

    I actually liked the idea of making games or applications.

    So i began writing "hello world" programs and moving cube games.

    At one point i discovered webdevelopment, which eventually became my number 1 hobby.