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The Lost Survivors | Not active

A story-based first person shooter / horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

This game is currently still in a very early developement stage, but we are making progress.

Platformer game | Active

Described by many people as "simple, frustrating and addictive", this game aims to be simple but fun.

This game is already fully playable, but it currently contains only 5 levels. More content will be added soon!

Valhalla | Active

Months ago, a group of Vikings set sail to a nearby island in search of a cursed sword from a legend.

Recently, their ship came back, but it was completely empty apart from a single sword that was lying on the deck.

You then sail to that island to find out what happened to these guys

but it turns out that the entire island was cursed and it is now swarming with undead monsters.

It is now your quest to save that island by lifting it's curse.

Snake3D | Finished

Snake3D developed by Velocitygames.

We all know the old snake game. heres a 3D version of it. Click this box to download the .ZIP folder.


Minecraft Server

Velocitygames minecraft server is still under construction.

We will update this soon.